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Alternative SAP GUI Progress Indicator

If you have done much ABAP programming, you will probably have made use of the SAPGUI_PROGRESS_INDICATOR function at some point or other, which can be used to display the progress of a task. Desiring an alternative progress indicator, I set out to find an ActiveX object that provided a progress bar which I could control with OLE from ABAP.

Improved ABAP Source Code Search

In my last post I showed you how to create your own searchable index of ABAP source code using Ruby in conjunction with the Ferret and saprfc extensions. Today I am going to show you a hugely improved version that will reduce the indexing time and give you a nicer search interface. (Amazingly, this whole thing came in rather handy for me in the last week!)

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Custom ABAP source search with saprfc and Ferret

Today we are going to build our own search engine to search through ABAP source code on an SAP system using our favourite language – Ruby! (With the help of some nice libraries). Sure, there is the “Find in source code” option in SE38, and apparently you can use TREX as well, but this is much more fun.

UPDATE (19 June 2009): Refer to the next post for an improved version of the solution.

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More handy/useless ABAP info

Though it’s been a while, I feel I have to start the new year with something, just so you don’t think I have fallen off the planet. This time we look at another feature of ABAP, which you may call on one day when faced with a life-threatening situation deep in the African jungle, where only this piece of knowledge can save you, and you’ll be glad you read this post.

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Gain shell access to your SAP ABAP system

The next time you are in the mood for some interesting Friday hacking, I may have just the thing for you. (This will only be fun of course if you are in a fairly restricted environment, where doing this kind of thing would be considered a hack 😉 ).

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A nifty way to define runtime data in ABAP

You may be familiar with the CREATE DATA statement in ABAP, which allows you to create data in a program by specifying the name of the type at runtime. What you may not be familiar with, is the concept of absolute type names in ABAP.

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Interesting (but less useful) information about ABAP

Sometimes you stumble across things, which, though not mind blowing, could turn out to be useful one day, but for the time being you just have to file under “trivia”. I recently made two such discoveries.