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A long absence

This Monday I returned to work after nearly one-and-a-half weeks of leave following the birth of our lovely daughter. Now we have a family of four. Her brother is very sweet with her, strokes her gently and always talks about his sister. We are really blessed with him being so loving to her, especially with me back at work and my wife looking after both children and not having as much time to dote on our son as before.

We also put up a jungle gym in the garden to complement the swings we put up a while back, with the hope that our son will enjoy himself more outdoors and tire himself out so that he falls asleep better in the evenings.

Of course the birth of our daughter does not explain my long absence from blogging.  Nothing does, really, except neglect and a hesitance to put down thoughts on paper (in the proverbial sense). I will try harder.

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