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The Beatles feat. Dexter Holland – “Obla-Job”

I had some fun the last few days bringing together The Offspring’s “Why don’t you get a job” and The Beatles’ “Obla-di Obla-da” after noticing that the songs are quite similar.

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Introducing Property Bazaar

After some weeks of late night working, I have finally put online my latest creation for all the world to see:*. It’s basically a site that provides a convenient search over many South African property listings.

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SOAP Message Payload search in ABAP using HANA Fulltext index

I was initially planning to use Elasticsearch for this but, as it turned out, using a fulltext index on HANA was quicker to implement and simpler and, besides, introducing another service in the landscape at the site at which I am working could prove difficult or impossible.

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Improved Logo interpreter in Red

Using what I have learned in the last few days about ‘parse’ in Red, I have improved the Logo interpreter from the last post, so that it now supports procedures.

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Little Logo interpreter in 81 lines of Red

I have made a little “port” of a logo interpreter I wrote in Rebol some time ago. Back then I did it to try and understand how parsing works in Rebol. Now I just wanted to have some fun with Red, since it has a GUI as of the 0.6 release.

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A Lisp Interpreter in ABAP

I published a blog post today titled “A Lisp Interpreter in ABAP” on SCN. I just finished developing a basic Lisp interpreter in ABAP which is inspired by Peter Norvig’s “(How to Write a (Lisp) Interpreter (in Python))” and Anthony Hay’s “Lisp interpreter in 90 lines of C++“.

SAP PI message payload search using Elasticsearch

At our client we recently went live with a solution that incorporates SAP PI. At the time we did not have TREX set up to be able to perform searches on messages. (And at the time of writing we still don’t, but we should have it soon).  So as a stopgap measure, I developed a solution that uses Elasticsearch to index payloads and allows you to search them.

Forwarding local AJAX requests to an SAP ABAP server with Nginx

I am busy doing a little proof-of-concept solution to produce a mobile app using a BSP application as a container. In concept, this sounds easy, but there are always snags that slow down the development process, particularly trying to test AJAX calls to a remote server from a locally hosted app.

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Complete JSON utility class example

Following my previous post, where I showed a solution for translating JSON to an ABAP data structure, I am just posting an example of a class that will allow you to do both (ABAP to JSON and vice versa).

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And the winner is…

I was going to title this post “Three days, three distros” or “Three distros in three days”, but that is not half as captivating. Indeed, as the would-be titles suggest, this is about switching distros (again). After running for a while on Linux Mint 10, I decided it is time to upgrade.