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Slide guitar by Hannes Coetzee – you’ve got to see this!

While searching YouTube for videos of slide guitar (because I own a metal slide and have never known how to use it), I came across this amazing video of South African Hannes Coetzee, playing the guitar, using a spoon in his mouth for the slide!

Fair enough, it’s quite old already, but its still amazing! Hannes Coetzee is one of the artists appearing in David Kramer‘s documentary “Karoo Kitaar Blues“. Of course I just had to mention the fact that he is South African; seeing what a stir his song caused was a Proudly South African(tm) moment.

The number of views this video has had, as well as the number of spin-offs, tributes, and even lessons(!) (see links here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here; do a search on “spoon slide guitar” on YouTube and you will find even more), made it really heart-warming to think how far this simple song from a man in the Karoo has rippled across the internet, and the amount of feedback it has generated. I wouldn’t be surprised if this spawned a commercial release the song (if there hasn’t been one already – I’m not really up to date with the music scene 😀 ). What was also amazing was to find a Hannes Coetzee page on Wikipedia.

One of my favourite comments on one of the videos of this song was: “this is the kind of s**t that we need to see on MTV d*mn it!” (asterisks mine). Anyway, go check it out – it’s awesome!

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