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Pit your programming language against the rest!

While looking around for benchmarks on the languages I like best (which already tell you that benchmarks are a farce, right?), I came across two interesting websites. So interesting in fact, I’m going to share them with you.

The first site really takes the cake. It is the Computer Language Benchmarks Game. By combining your own set of criteria and assigning them different weights, you can create your own ranking to prove that your language is the best! Astound your friends! Silence your enemies! (Be sure to read the FAQ – I really liked the part ‘What does “not fair” mean?’).

The second site is the TIOBE Programming Community Index, which tracks the popularity of programming languages and rates them accordingly, providing monthly updates. The methods they use involve analyzing search engine results and even occurrences of presentations on YouTube. (Nice to see that ABAP is at #28). While it obviously doesn’t try and prove that any language is better, the popularity ranking of languages is intended to give you an indication of whether your skills are up to date, and help you (supposing you are in a decision-making capacity) make strategic decisions about what languages to use.

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