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PuzzleSurfer is live!

Huzzah! PuzzleSurfer is online and available for your enjoyment. To take part in the fun, head over to PuzzleSurfer right away! The site represents the culmination of weeks of late nights at the computer and heated debates over some of the functionality (which I guess you could consider bonding).

The site is originally the idea of my friend Kevin, who is into Rebus puzzles and the like, and thought it would be great to have a site where people could take part in solving them, but with some other motives… The plan is to promote the non-profit organization Neema Lalela (their site is still to be completed) which cares for orphans of HIV/AIDS.

PuzzleSurfer is in fact my first complete Rails site, and although we are quite happy with the current state, there are a few nigglies and areas for improvement. One interesting thing to note about the site is that it does not employ a single stitch of AJAX. That’s right, the site is potentially from the stone age, but it actually looks and works funkily enough for people of all ages (and browser versions!) to enjoy.

So, go on and check it out! Be sure to use the feedback link at the bottom and let us know what you think. After all, somebody had to program that functionality, so it would be a real shame if it didn’t get used!

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