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L is for Learner

I’m going to stick a big red L on my computer (for “Learner”, not for “Loser”). Whenever we’re driving and I get frustrated because we’re behind a slow learner, my wife always says: “You also had to start somewhere”. She’s right. So what brought this on?

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QEMU runs OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD (Hooray!)

After my disappointment with trying to run OpenBSD in VirtualBox (due to continuous segfaults), I am pleased to report that I can successfully run both OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD in QEMU. And it’s easy!

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Getting into BSD

One of the advantages of having upgraded to a zippy PC is that I have enough memory and processing power to play around with different OSs in a VM. Recently, I have been toying with the BSD family.