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And now… Linux cutlery!

Some family of ours gave our son some children’s WMF cutlery as a present. (WMF, in case you don’t know, have a very good name in the market for producing high quality cutlery). This particular set has sea animal motifs on the handles. One thing I couldn’t help but notice about the penguin on the fork is that it looks extremely similar to a well-known character in the software world.

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Chat around the (open) fire

The client where I am currently working does not provide instant messaging (IM). That is a pity, because IM is a great way to collaborate with fellow workers. While many companies fear that providing their employees with this ability will waste endless working hours and grind production to a halt, being able to do so is definitely a productivity enhancer, at least in some departments.

SAP and The Matrix: an analogy

When you think about it, working in SAP is much like The Matrix (the ABAP side at least, and to ensure a good analogy, let’s exclude BW from the picture or focus just on ECC).

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IDE, the ABAP way

Lately I have been musing (contemplating, meditating on) the term “IDE” or “Integrated Development Environment”. What is it that makes it integrated? Well, you have of course an editor, a compiler and a debugger (or any other combination of tools) integrated into one program. However, the program itself is still pretty much standalone. It is usually not integrated into anything else. So much for “integrated”. Tsk, tsk.

A long absence

This Monday I returned to work after nearly one-and-a-half weeks of leave following the birth of our lovely daughter. Now we have a family of four. Her brother is very sweet with her, strokes her gently and always talks about his sister. We are really blessed with him being so loving to her, especially with me back at work and my wife looking after both children and not having as much time to dote on our son as before.

A problem for this decade

How will this decade be referred to in twenty years’ time? It’s fine to talk about anything from the 20s to the 90s, but the first two decades of a century are problematic. We look at something today and say: “Man, that’s so 80s!” or “I like the music of the 70s”. But what will the children and teens refer to in years to come when talking about this decade and the next? “I’m a child of the units” or “That dress is so 10s!”. It just doesn’t have the same effect.

I wonder, was this problem prevalent in the 1900s and centuries before that as well or did we only start referring to decades in this way recently?

ABAP exploit/vulnerability exposed

Firstly, let me just make this disclaimer that I don’t know what the difference between an exploit and a vulnerability is. I don’t know the proper definitions of each, either. I’m pretty sure what I’m about to reveal is not a security flaw though. However, using the information contained herein, a malicious user can wreak a fair bit of havoc on an ABAP system.

Slide guitar by Hannes Coetzee – you’ve got to see this!

While searching YouTube for videos of slide guitar (because I own a metal slide and have never known how to use it), I came across this amazing video of South African Hannes Coetzee, playing the guitar, using a spoon in his mouth for the slide!

Butchering a mesh with Python in Blender

It seems that I am on this trip with scripting. My last post also relates to scripting. (Aren’t scripting languages wonderful? They should be the future of the enterprise! – and by that I don’t mean the Starship Enterprise) One of my hobbies lately has been to play around with 3D modeling and animation in Blender. As a result of that playing around, I wrote a Python script that takes a given mesh and creates a new mesh from each individual face.

Categories: SAP

Mass change your SAP passwords

The short version: Here is a script to automate changing your SAP password across many systems. The long version follows…