Ubuntu – where is the focus?

I have been an avid Ubuntu user for the last few years, and have become a staunch supporter (well, at least as far as my mouth goes). There are many compelling reasons for me to use Ubuntu: It’s free, it does what I need, it has a wide selection of free software available from a local mirror of Ubuntu packages.

Photo manger with movie clip support in Linux

If you were hoping I was going to tell you where or how to get a photo manager for Linux with movie clip support, I have some bad news for you: there is no such thing. But there could be. You can help make it a reality by voting for the following idea:

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Desktop which behaves like a file manager

I’ve recently discovered something quite addictive. It is Ubuntu Brainstorm, a think tank where the community can help shape the development of Ubuntu by providing ideas on how they think things should work. It’s nice to sit and watch the votes on your ideas and solutions. I guess it’s like placing bets on racehorses (not that I would know from experience).