App of the week: GnuCash

Having recently been admonished by listening to some messages by Andy Stanley to pay closer attention to my personal finances, and my expenses in particualar, I thought I should give GnuCash a try. (Andy actually mentions Quicken, but I had come across GnuCash before, and I will try anything that’s free first). Anyway, I am highly impressed with GnuCash. It definitely beats trying to track expenses on a spreadsheet.

App of the week: Greenshot

From time to time, you probably need to make screenshots to put into a mail or document, sometimes to explain a problem, or possibly for documentation purposes. Most times, you don’t want to generate a screenshot of the entire screen, but just a portion of a window.

App of the week – NetDrive

I’ve been meaning to do a feature like “App of the week” for a long time now, as there are always useful applications that I pick up from time to time. So watch this space – perhaps I will do some more. This week, however, it is the turn of NetDrive.