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My *next* project:

So I have been busy the last while with my latest website: The tagline is “The Good Software Guide”. That’s nice, because it’s ambiguous: is the software nice or the guide? You decide.

Anyway, it’s not much yet. I have to work on adding content now. And that’s time-consuming, because I don’t just want to add a lot of links and names; I am trying to add quality content. The idea is that, as with sites like Alternativeto, you can find similar software, in this case by clicking on appropriate tags.

So content is the big thing. And that can take weeks, months or years to accumulate, as I am doing it all by hand and not crawling anything.

Anyway, keeps me busy. Go check it out. And if you want to notify me of some software I should add, use the submit link on the site to submit some app you want me to add.

Peace out.

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