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Effective (and easy!) ABAP source code search using Solr (Part 2)

In my previous installment, I ended off by promising that I would post details of a search front-end for the ABAP source code index as an ABAP program. That was four months ago, so I guess it is high time I made good on my promise.

The good news is that both the indexing and search programs are available in this GitHub project:

UPDATE: Perhaps you would rather be interested in the following: ABAP Source Code Search using HANA Fulltext search.

Here is a screenshot of the search program in action:


It gives you paged search results and allows you to navigate from the result to the source unit containing the hit.

You might find a bug in the paging of the results, and this is due to some error in my XSLT program that formats the search results.

A nice development that took place since the last post is that Apache SOLR 4 (which was in beta at the time) was released. Apart from the spunky new admin UI it has received, it seems that it is now much easier to configure multiple indexes (or cores) where I’m not sure that was previously the case. (I’m still experimenting with that, by the way, and it may become the topic of a future post). On my 3.6 installation I have to reboot when I touch the config relating to the cores, but it seems that is not necessary now.

Have fun, and let me know in the comments if you use this and how it works for you!


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