Something nice for FL Studio users

When I left Windows, one of the things I left behind was FL Studio. Not that I was an avid user of FL Studio. Nor did I manage to create anything nice with it. But I paid money for it, and because they offered free lifetime updates, I thought I would really miss it. Not anymore.

I just found (in the Add/Remove software dialog of Ubuntu no less) a program called Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS they call it). It offers pretty much what I had in FL Studio; that is to say, with my limited knowledge of FL Studio, I can right now do pretty much with LMMS what I could do with FL Studio – i.e. very little :-)

But the program itself is impressive, especially when you consider that it currently stands at 0.4. There are as many instruments and effects and other features as I can comfortably handle (more in fact).

Screenshot of LMMS in action

Screenshot of LMMS in action

The good thing for those of you still on Windows is that there is a Windows version of the app too (available as a 15MB download), which is quite nice, because you can try it out and see what you could be having on Linux 😀

For me this brings closure on the FL studio issue. I’m glad to see an app that is shamelessly trying to match FL Studio on Linux. About time.

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  • Helmut

    Awesome! I just installed it as well, but I have no idea how it works! 😀 Will have to learn.

  • admin

    Now you feel just like me after I purchased FL Studio 😉

  • admin

    By the way, you can go to the LMMS website and find lots of sample projects for download to give you some ideas as to what you can do with it.