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More on piano lessons, and a new job

Two posts ago, I was talking about piano lessons on YouTube. Since then, I have started taking piano lessons at a nearby music school. This was just what I needed. You can only get so far on your own; then you need someone to guide you along and challenge you. I must thank my brother-in-law though, because although I’ve been talking about taking lessons for a while, he urged me to do it, having taken guitar lessons himself. I’m glad he did. All I needed was a gentle kick up the butt.

Today I also started at a new client. I don’t have a Windows user ID yet; I’m currently logged on with the ID of the person who left, and whose desk I’ve inherited. No SAP logon either. So I’ve been sitting around browsing the network and reading documentation on a project that’s come and gone. The first day somewhere new is always akward. Today I thought about how I started at Standard Bank just 8 months ago. I nearly cried on that day. I felt so sad and lonely in that big place. Yet on Friday, when I left, I was genuinely sad to be leaving behind all the nice people that I’ve really grown fond of during that time. (This in spite of the big smile on my face which belied my true condition).

In my first four working years, when I was a consultant (3 of which as an ABAP prostitute, and in the fourth year still doing the same, but with the title of “Consultant”), I worked for many, many clients, and I went through the experience of starting somewhere new every couple of weeks or months. I think change is something you just get used to. Before Standard Bank I spent six years at SAB. I think I got too comfortable there for my own good.

Back to the piano lessons: My biggest struggle at the moment is tying notes together when playing several notes simultaneously. The biggest lesson in all of this? I should have started going for tuition years ago. And that’s the very same thing I’ve been saying about contracting.

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