Moving House

Not really. I’m simply about to reinstall Windows. But as I was about to go “Start -> Turn Off Computer” on this installation, it suddenly felt very final. I was not going to see this installation again. I had another look around to make sure that I had backed everything up, that everything was packed and ready to go. I was a bit nervous about whether my backups would end up OK on the other side.

On the one hand, I know it’s just a technical exercise, but it’s a lot like moving house. There is a lot of housekeeping to do, things to sort out and clean up. In the process of going around and making sure that all the data is backed up, you find things you’d thought you’d lost (or forgot about), but don’t have time to really reminisce about them. That last shutdown is like when you look around for the last time at the now empty surrounds you got so used to and comfortable with, and which you know you won’t see again.

But then it’s time to press on. You turn the key in the lock and walk away from the front door, leaving so many memories behind. Ridiculous isn’t it? Getting emotional over a stupid OS installation. (Mind you, I am hoping that my data is all OK).


  • Mush

    The very worst is having to download all the updates that are not available
    as local file downloads all over again. Eg: AntiVirus, Defender, Program
    updates etc etc.

    On the plus side, there is nothing more satisfying than a brand new sterile
    MS OS install! Its just so squeaky CLEAN! 😉

    (and file indexing hasnt applied significant brakes to your explorer yet lol)

  • Helmut

    On the other hand, you do return to a very similar, less cluttered house after the installation, which is a plus. And the windows open faster. 😛

    Are you using nLite for your new installation?

  • admin

    I ended up not using nLite, as it started getting too complicated for my liking :-/ So there I go, downloading all the updates again! I wish there was a free version of Symantec Ghost.

  • Helmut

    I just found this:

    Looks like an interesting free alternative. Seems it requires an FTP server to upload the “image” to, but another site says you can save it to another partition as well. Might be worth investigating… :)

  • Hmm… have been thinking of doing this myself. My computer is starting to get a bit sluggish.

  • admin

    Like myself, I assume you have not reinstalled for quite some time. I can only say that it has been worth it. There were some small things I forgot to back up, like my Firefox favourites though. Could have been worse though (like email, for instance).

  • There is nothing like a fresh start :-) .
    I just hate looking at that background again!