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Piano lessons on YouTube

I’ve been wanting to play piano since about November 2005. While playing guitar, it never struck me that I could apply the same concepts to learning the piano, i.e. learning to form chords and then play using different rythms and patterns. So when I finally hit on this revelation, I eagerly spent hours learning to form all the basic chords and their variations on the keyboard. Anyway, that dream lay dormant for a year and a half now, and my pastor’s keyboard, that I borrowed back then, has been gathering (proverbial only!) dust.

Now however, I found that there are a huge number of piano lessons and tutorials onYouTube, which have rekindled my hope of being a piano virtuoso. I am currently in the process of downloading and converting some of these clips from FLV to AVI (for burning to SVCD or whatever).

In the long run, I would like to learn to read music as well. (I can, mind you. It just takes me about a minute to find each individual note on the keyboard.) I don’t aim to be able to sightread – maybe only in the distant future. I understand the basics, but it seems that there is just so much more of a short-term win in being able to play by learning chords.

Watch this space.

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