Piano lessons on YouTube

I’ve been wanting to play piano since about November 2005. While playing guitar, it never struck me that I could apply the same concepts to learning the piano, i.e. learning to form chords and then play using different rythms and patterns. So when I finally hit on this revelation, I eagerly spent hours learning to form all the basic chords and their variations on the keyboard. Anyway, that dream lay dormant for a year and a half now, and my pastor’s keyboard, that I borrowed back then, has been gathering (proverbial only!) dust.

Now however, I found that there are a huge number of piano lessons and tutorials onYouTube, which have rekindled my hope of being a piano virtuoso. I am currently in the process of downloading and converting some of these clips from FLV to AVI (for burning to SVCD or whatever).

In the long run, I would like to learn to read music as well. (I can, mind you. It just takes me about a minute to find each individual note on the keyboard.) I don’t aim to be able to sightread – maybe only in the distant future. I understand the basics, but it seems that there is just so much more of a short-term win in being able to play by learning chords.

Watch this space.


  • Playing the piano is fun – and it is always a pleasure to make music (and to learn new songs). I haven’t played piano (or even the keyboard) for years, but I still pick up my guitar now and again and learn cords I download from the net.

    Hope you have success at learning the piano – maybe we can still form our band 😀 . Hey, we can form the first OpenSource band ever – hehe.

  • Helmut

    The other day I read an article about a guy who posted guitar lessons on YouTube, but had to remove them all, because he used a copyrighted song in one of his lessons. Sheesh, people are never given a break… Hope your Piano lessons go well! :)

  • You will never be asked to remove a video from YouTube because it is copyrighted. That is like saying you are not allowed to play any copyrighted songs in your living room and recording yourself…
    There are no profits being generated from the videos.

  • admin

    Actually, if you read http://www.youtube.com/t/howto_copyright, you are in fact not allowed to upload copyrighted content. That means that in fact, there are thousands and thousands of videos illegally being shown on YouTube. The following clause seems to be a bit shady though: “Anytime we become aware that a video or any part of a video on our site infringes the copyrights of a third party, we will take it down from the site.” Looks like no-one has drawn YouTube’s attention to all those music videos! 😀

  • Copyrighted material like Music videos, movies, etc.
    A guy playing a song on his guitar in his living room without making a profit from his video does not violate the law.

  • suren

    Can you recommend the good piano lessons you saw in youtube. The ones I have found are very vary basic stuff or some advertising shit..