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Who’s your special Basis person?

With Mother’s day over, it’s time to reflect again on the other special persons in ones life. Today I had an amusing discussion with two colleagues about who’s Basis guy is the best. It turned out very much like a discussion between some five-year olds about who’s dad is the strongest.

My colleagues have a certain Basis guy whom they work with and who they reckon is the best. At first we thought we should contact each of our Basis guys and ask if they would be prepared to be pitted against each other. It turns out it’s quite difficult to measure what makes a good Basis person. Do you let them install a SAP system and time them with a stopwatch (which would take a few hours anyway)? You could call them both over and ask them to investigate what is making your SAP system run so slow.

The discussion degenerated into:

“Well my Basis guy is so good, when he walks into a room, all the servers run faster”.

“Well my Basis guy is so good, when you pick up the phone to call him, your problem is resolved”.

It doesn’t matter. They think their Basis guy is the best. I know my Basis guy is the best.

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