Us, ourselves and you

If there was one change I could make to the English language, it would be to have two words for “we”; one meaning “us including you” and one meaning “us excluding you”. Think of all the confusion that would avoid. For starters, that persona non grata (some would say spare wheel) would quickly get the message when you say: “We (excluding you) are going to the pub now”.

Of significance too, but of lesser importance perhaps, would be singular and plural versions of “you”.

Of course, if you combine the two, you would have four variants of the phrases covering the different cases of “we” stated above.


  • The English language is full of these mistakes. Why can’t we correct them? Because english is the international language, making sudden implementation of new words nearly impossible or just plain slow. Words do change meaning – and within time the new definitions of the words get accepted. Like the word replenish – which today means REFILL. In the biblical term it simply means FILL. Even if it was never filled before, you would replenish your drink.
    The word Dinosaur was made up in the 18′ hundreds. Before that the word dragon was used.
    Did you know the name Wendy didn’t even exist before the book Peter Pan? Today it is a popular name, meaning nothing.

  • “We” think the English language is fine and should not be complicated any further. We have German for that. :)