Ubuntu vs Vista

There is this interesting article comparing Ubuntu to Windows Vista at InformationWeek. It pits the two in on a number of aspects like installation, hardware support, etc. The funny thing is that the price Ubuntu (i.e. it being free) only gets a small mention right at the end. If the comparison of the two were changed to a value for money comparison, it would become totally absurd.
Of course, the fact that the two are being compared in such a manner, cost factor aside, says a lot about how far Linux on the desktop has come. The article remains very non-committal in its conclusion, but in a good way, this allows the reader to reflect on the option of whether to shell out much money for Vista, or get a fully-fledged operating system at no cost, with thousands of available free applications on top of that.

I’m betting many people will stick to Windows, because it is what they know, and Microsoft has a huge marketing machine to back its products. Linux on the desktop, however, is extremely close to being as user friendly as Windows (if not more so).


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  1. Leon van Zyl says:

    Ubuntu VS Vista..
    Vista wins hands-down.

    Take my system for example:
    – 3800+ AMD X2 Dual Core AM2
    – 2 GB 800Mhz DD2 RAM
    – GeForce 8800 GTX GPU

    This system will never get benchmarked on a Linux Build. Vista is graphics driven – something my system demands. I can not wait to play Crysis or Bioshock on Vista. Something Ubuntu will never support.

    Yes, before you flame my words, let me first say that the comparison is relative to the user. PC sales has increased with 10% since Vista came to the market – attracting the attention of gamers (young and old) with DirectX 10. It also makes installation of software a breeze – bringing in new customers for the PC market.

    Although I am not a Vista fan myself, I will not compare Ubuntu against Vista through a gamer perspective. Hey, admit it – many households end up using the PCs for gaming.

    Vista wins.

  2. Godchaser says:

    Hello All!

    My system is crap compared to new technology:
    Nivida Gforce 5000 128 MB GPU
    512 MB RAM
    1.3GHz AMD Athlon CPU

    I was a former microsoft windows and fastAero user, i swithched to ubuntu/beryl and i’ve got to say it owns windows and puts it to shame!! ubuntu+beryl uses fairly no resources and cpu + it will take windows an eternity to boot while ubuntu less then 15 seconds! ubuntu crushes Windows vista Aero and all it hopes to do!
    if you feel me, then let it be heard….

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