My first SDN blog entry

The caption of this article should have read “My first PHP website” or “My first Ruby application”. But it doesn’t. It is my first SDN blog entry, which I humbly invite you to read, if only to remark about the fact that it seems so dry, so crusty, so devoid of all verve.

I must say that it was rather exciting to see my own blog entry on the SDN website, “in print” as it were, there for the whole world to see. The feeling was rather giddy, something like the vertigo when zooming in from a dizzying height to merely a few-hundred metres above a landmark in Google Earth. You should try it some time.


  • Yes, it is a little bit like that isn’t it. I thought it was quite a good post but I must admit I will have to come back for another run at it. I was quite interested as tags sounded quite web20ish but then they sounded a bit hierarchical.

    Well done and keep posting.

    Get your personal blog on the external voices list. Scout through the wiki for the page.



  • Helmut

    Congratulations! That’s quite a lekker achievement! Looks like you’re starting to make some impressions out there… hope you have lots of success further!