SAP RFC Access from Ruby – nwrfc

nwrfc is a Ruby Gem to allow you to access an SAP ABAP system via RFC, using the NW RFC SDK library and Ruby-FFI to access the library.

The project is hosted at and the Gem is hosted on Rubygems (, so you can install the latest version with:

gem install nwrfc

Be sure to check out the wiki on the GitHub page for some examples.

  • sushi


    i’m using your nwrfc (0.0.5) with metasploit and i get this error:

    [x] This module requires the NW RFC SDK ruby wrapper ( from Martin Ceronio.
    /opt/metasploit/msf3/lib/gemcache/ruby/1.9.1/arch/linux64/nokogiri-1.5.2/lib/nwrfc/nwrfclib.rb:12: warning: already initialized constant RUBY_VERSION_18
    /opt/metasploit/msf3/lib/gemcache/ruby/1.9.1/arch/linux64/nokogiri-1.5.2/lib/nwrfc/nwrfclib.rb:78: warning: already initialized constant Cutf8_to_utf16le
    /opt/metasploit/msf3/lib/gemcache/ruby/1.9.1/arch/linux64/nokogiri-1.5.2/lib/nwrfc/nwrfclib.rb:79: warning: already initialized constant Cutf16le_to_utf8

    Can you help me? It’s very important.

    Thank you.

  • sushi


    I’ve made a mess with library.

    Now it’s ok.

    Thank you

  • sapadmin

    How did u solve it?

  • Ruby Lou

    hi, could you please send me the NW RFC SDK? Thanks a lot!